OCD Chef Board & Yumbots: 5 Fun Things from FRED

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

FRED & Friends makes quirky, playful, family-friendly products for the table and the kitchen, and they are always one of the first places I visit at the Housewares Show. They are a friendly bunch of people, too, with well-developed senses of humor. Here are a few new things from this year — all playful and a little silly, and awfully fun for the kitchen.

None of these things are going to revolutionize your kitchen, but they may bring a bit of whimsy in.

• 1 OCD Chef Cutting Board – If you really care about your 1/2-inch dice this might the right board for you. (Nice for pastry, too.)

• 2 Yumbots – Silicone cups for square cupcakes. Hello there, robot-themed birthday party.

• 3 Lunch Bugs – Stay away, lunch bag thief. There’s a bug in this bag.

• 4 More little silicone cups. Usually I’m not so into silicone bakeware, but these are just so fun and vibrant in person. They would be good for more than just baking — think of serving pudding in them!

• 5 Hatched – Fabulously big and solid ice cubes (for truly good cocktails) come from this silicone mold with chickens on the other side. Chickens hatching egg ice cubes — get it?

(Images: Faith Durand)