Obama’s Honest Tea in the White House

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Hooray for honesty in the government, especially if it starts in the fridge.

We were tipped off to a New York Times article about President Obama’s more casual, laid-back style in the White House, and it mentioned his preference for this organic, fair trade bottled tea…

Honest Tea is based in Bethesda, Maryland, and all of their teas are certified USDA organic, which is important with tea, considering tea leaves are not washed (this according to the company’s website). We also like the fact that Honest Tea strives to be fair trade and supports community-building causes in the US and abroad.

We see Honest Tea all over New York City (Whole Foods and most Duane Reade stores carry it), but, to be honest, we’ve never tried it. Once word gets out that the President is chugging it, though, we expect it to become popular (just like Sasha and Malia’s J Crew outfits). For the record, Obama likes the Black Forest Berry and Green Dragon flavors.

In New York, you can order it from Fresh Direct ($1.39 each or $16.20 for a 12-pack). If you can’t find it in a store near you, try Organic By The Case:
• $19.27 for a 12-pack, from Organic By The Case

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Do you drink Honest Tea?

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