Obama Wants a Farmers Market at the White House The Morning News for 8.24.09

Obama Wants a Farmers Market at the White House The Morning News for 8.24.09

Faith Durand
Aug 24, 2009

Last Thursday the President had a chat with reporters about health care, healthy eating, and staying fit. Then he mentioned that he might like to see a farmers market right in front of the White House!

Read on for his quote and more about his thoughts on school food.

He said:

We provide an awful lot of school lunches out there and -- and reimburse local school districts for school-lunch programs. Let's figure out how can we get some fresh fruits and vegetables in the mix. Because sometimes you go into schools and -- you know what the menu is, you know? It's French fries, Tater Tots, hot dogs, pizza and -- now, that's what kids -- let's face it, that's what kids want to eat, anyway. (Laughter.) So it's not just the schools' fault.

A, that's what kids may want to eat. B, it turns out that that food's a lot cheaper, because of the distributions that we've set up. And so what we've got to do is to change how we think about, for example, getting local farmers connected to school districts, because that would benefit the farmers, delivering fresh produce, but right now they just don't have the distribution mechanisms set up.

He then when on to talk about Michelle's White House garden and their wish for a White House farmers market! The farmers market, though, is small potatoes next to redistributing the types of food that end up in schools. More broccoli, less pizza, we hope!

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(Image: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

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