NYC Tip: New Market Opening in the West Village

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Not part of the crowds now skipping out of work and making a run for NYC’s bridges, tunnels, and jitneys?

Those of us staying in the city for the long weekend will be able to check out Market Table‘s “pre-soft-opening” while everyone else is at the beach.

Market Table (54 Carmine St.) will be both a restaurant and a gourmet market.

“You’ll have to go through the market to get to the restaurant. Fresh meat, fish, and produce will be up front. Come in for dinner, then come back in the morning and pick up a few pounds of the cod you had the night before,” co-owner Gabriel Stulman told Eater.

We don’t talk restaurants here, but we love picking up home-cooking ideas from restaurant dining.

Daily Candy says you need to climb a rolling ladder to get to the canned goods. So, here’s our Sunday plan: we’ll hit Market Table first and then end up at Whole Foods Bowery’s new beer room.