NYC Scavenger: Sag Harbor Kitchen for $21,955

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Everything but the kitchen sink is how the saying goes, but this time it’s everything but the refrigerator for sale in Sag Harbor.

This oh-so-Ina-Garten kitchen includes two Miele dishwashers, two Viking convection ovens, a china cabinet, an island, icemakers and more. Re-fitting a second-hand custom kitchen into your space sure is a puzzle, but if you have the know how to make it work, go for it.

The idea of recycling a whole kitchen — from pieces displayed in a kitchen show room, from a previous home, or a sale like this — is fascinating. If you’ve done this, know someone who has, or have suggestions on how this could work, let us know. Cautiously curious here.

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Thanks, Craig!