NYC Scavenger: Breadmakers for $20-50

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There’s always a slew of breadmakers going cheap on Craigslist. You can pick up a breadmaker in Ridgewood and take an old TV and VCR too — $20 for the lot. This barely-used Breadman is $40, while this breadmaker is $25. This Williams-Sonoma breadmaker is $50, this bread oven is $50 too. Here’s a Breadman Jr. for $40, an Ultimate Breadman for $30, and a Breadman Pro for $25. Why are so many New Yorkers dumping their bread machines? Is everyone still going low-carb or is it that the local bakery (or maybe the oven) gets the job done just fine? Maybe bread makers simply take up too much space.

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Thanks, Craig!