NYC: Organic Cranberries Debut at Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Can the canned cranberries, Brooklyn. We discovered a couple from DeNike Bogs in Plymouth, MA selling organic cranberries at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket last weekend.

We heard some people waxing about their plans for stringing them up with popcorn to make garlands. We’re not quite patient enough for that. Instead, we ground ours up in a snap in the food processor, adding a whole orange and a clove to make a simple relish. We’re hoping DeNike Bogs will be back this week, so we can make a proper cooked cranberry sauce with all the frills.

Have you seen the TV ad with these Bartles and James-ish characters standing in the middle of a cranberry bog in hip-waders? The ad had us curious for more details about how cranberries are grown. If you too want to know more, check out


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