NYC Farmers’ Market Report: Thompson Square

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This week at Thompson Square Farmer’s Market, what should have been slim pickings was in greater abundance than ever.

We arrived at 6 pm, expecting picked-over stone fruit and corn with ripped husks, only to find baskets filled to the brim of summer bounty at peak.

Some highlights:

Evolutionary Organics of New Paltz, NY:
Tomato Highlights: German Pink Heirlooms, Boxcar Willy, Black Pimm
Heirlooms, and Annais Noire, a new green variety that gain pinkish
stripes when ripe. All $3.50/lb. Peppery Mustard Greens, especially tasty in chiffonade form as a salad enhancer ($3/ 1/4 lb), mild and sweet lemon
cucumbers ($2/lb), and thicker skinned white cucumbers ($2/lb).

Norwich Meadows Farm of Norwich, NY:
Husk cherries, also known as husk tomatoes. Peel n’ eat for a mildly
sweet snack with a pleasant vegetal acidity ($10/lb). Baby purple
cabbage, user-friendly for those of us who don’t want to be eating
cabbage for a week after buying one head, $3/each.

Red Jacket Orchards of Geneva, NY:
Plums galore: The more mild Green Gage and Empress, and Burbank, with
a richer, fermented plum wine-y flavor, all $3/lb. Sweet-as-ever donut peaches, $3/lb

Stannard Farms of Vineyard Haven, MA
Purple peppers so plump and purple you’d think they’re eggplants (75 cents each), and peach tomatoes ($3/lb), which caused quite the stir. In a five minute period, half a dozen people asked if the fuzz covered
tomatoes were actually peaches.

For a listing of all NYC Greenmarkets, visit the Council on The Environment for NYC‘s website and click on “Greenmarket.”

Nora S.