NYC Event: Food Film Festival Starts Saturday!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Just a few months ago, we told you about a food film festival happening in NYC. So when we heard about yet another food film festival, we said yeah, yeah, this is becoming a trend, and didn’t pay it too much mind.

What a mistake, because this film festival looks really promising.

Starting Saturday, June 14, the The 2nd Annual NYC Food Film Festival offers 7 days of a wide variety of films – 19 in all, ranging in length from 1 minute to over an hour.

Films we’re particularly looking forward to:

A Love Supreme A tribute to the director’s mother who has Rheumatoid Arthritis, this award-winning short doc is a record of her preparation of samosas in case her skilled hands become affected.

This Is My Cheesesteak – Start planning your next trip to Philly now, and use Ben’s doc as your guide. Everything you will ever need to know about Philadelphia’s signature sandwich.

In Pignata: Calabrian Fireside Cooking – Follows a Southern Italian farmer in her eighties through a typical morning on her farm as she ponders the loss of local food traditions.

Brooklyn Pizza No dialog, just pizza, Brooklyn Style.

Awards will be presented on Friday, June 20th at Water Taxi Beach in 5 categories: Food Filmmaker of the Year, Best Feature, Best Short, Best Super-Short (under 3 min.), and The Peroni Beer Audience Choice award.

And, the food for sale looks equally as tempting as the films. Here’s the schedule. This might be the first film festival where we buy our tickets based on what’s at the concession stand, rather than what’s on the big screen!

Saturday, June 14th – Opening Night Cheesesteak Blowout featuring authentic Tony Luke’s Cheesesteaks

Monday, June 16th – A taste of Berlin’s beloved Currywurst

Tuesday, June 17th – Pizza Night – After the screening walk next door for a taste of the real thing. **pizza sampling TBD**

Wednesday, June 18th – Samosas, Olive Oil, and Blueberries. Donna Lennard, owner of Il Buco will be on the beach for an olive oil tasting. Blueberry drinks and authentic Indian samosas will also be served

Thursday, June 19th – Southern Pit Barbecued Pork

Friday, June 20th – Vegan Dinner

**the Motz Burger, deep-fried hot dogs, french fries, and a full bar will also be available every night of the festival**

Image: A still from the film In Pignata: Calabrian Fireside Cooking