Sam Sifton to Write Cooking Advice Column. For Men.

(Image credit: Sam Horine | Food Republic)

Sam Sifton, food editor of The New York Times, launched a new Dear Abbey-esque cooking advice column last week.

Sifton is taking the time to answer several of the questions he gets in his inbox each week. But don’t head to the Food section of the paper of record to find it.

If you want to hear Sifton’s answers to whether you should grill a steak or pan sear it, you’ll have to flip to the Men’s Style section.

Why? Sifton writes of the email writers he’s hoping to help:

Some are men, others people who deal with men, who want men to cook or cook more or cook differently. They bring their questions to The Times. I endeavor to answer them.

We’ll be checking in regularly just to see what Sifton has to say. His answer to the grill vs. pan-sear debate? Both are wonderful, but it depends on your occasion.

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