NY Times Dining Section Roundup: 3.22.06

A jam-packed Dining Section in today’s NY Times, on a day when we have ten zillion things to do. We say thumbs-up, and hope you’ll click through the following links to sample some of the great writing put forth this week. Bravo.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Plentiful Crab Meat, a Gift From the Gulf: Kim Severson is still spending time with Chef Ken Smith of New Orleans and this week he makes Crab Cakes With Crystal Beurre Blanc. (And by Crystal he means the Louisiana hot sauce.)

Decanting Rober Parker: Asimov tries to get to the bottom of the question: Who is this Robert Parker guy?

The Sizzle and Pop of Radio Cooking: Kim Severson explores the world of cooking shows on the radio and it gives a warm fuzzy feeling.

In the Sugarhouse, a Slow, Steamy Rite of Spring: Mmmmm, it’s maple syrup time. Get your hands on some of the good stuff, then make these Maple Scones or this Maple-Glazed Meatloaf, if you dare.



Cheap, Simple and Glorious: Bittman makes a Braised Pork Shoulder with Red Wine and insists this cheap cut is tastier than the pricier pork parts.

Wines of the Times: A Match Made in Australia: Asimov pours cabernet sauvignon-shiraz blends from different areas of Australia.

Never Mind the Sea Serpent, Where’s My Salmon: Marion Burros gets to the bottom of New England lakes where landlocked Salmon (cousins of the endangered wild Atlantic Salmon) are there for the catching, if you can stand the cold.

Survey Ranks ‘Organic-ness’ at Dairies: Burros keeps going and reports on a new ranking, released today, comparing the ethics and management practices of all organic name brand and private label dairy products. The survey can be found at Cornucopia.org