Nutty & Sweet: 9 Fall Recipes with Brown Butter

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Butter on its own is already pretty amazing stuff. But cook it down until it becomes nutty and delicately sweet, then drizzle it over a plate of pasta or some roasted vegetables, and it is pure kitchen magic. Any dish can benefit from some brown butter, in my opinion. Here are nine that take it to another level.

First off, a primer. Brown butter might be culinary magic, but making it is not. It’s easy. Just put the butter, any amount you need, into a pan and turn the heat to medium. Let it melt, then foam, and then watch it go from pale gold to deep brown. Your kitchen will also start to smell crazy-good. For a more detailed explanation, check out this tutorial:

Brown butter goes particularly well with the flavors of fall. Pair it with mushrooms, nuts, roasted vegetables, or squash. A sprinkle of sage or rosemary, and you’re good to go. With its sweet nuttiness, brown butter is also fabulous in baked goods.

Ready for some recipes? Here you go:

What are your favorite recipes with browned butter?

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