NutriBullet Is Offering Kitchn Readers an Exclusive Sitewide Discount — Here Are 5 Favorites to Add to Cart ASAP

published Aug 19, 2021
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Credit: Courtesy of Nutribullet

NutriBullet is one of the most innovative small appliance brands on the market. With their tiny-but-mighty motors, multi-use products, and user-friendly interfaces, it’s no wonder that they’ve grown from “just” a personal blender company to a multi-appliance company that makes everything from juicers to air fryers. Thanks to all that — plus their array of fun new colors — NutriBullet has become a must-have here at Kitchn. To share the love, NutriBullet is offering an exclusive discount to Kitchn readers for three days only. From August 19 through 22, you can take 20 percent off the brand’s small appliances by using the code KITCHN20 at checkout. Not sure what to buy during the sale? Here are a few of our editor-favorite products.

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was $29.99

One of NutriBullet’s most innovative offerings remains a crowd favorite for good reason (and we love it too). This cordless blender has all the power of its predecessors (hello, 700-watt motor), but can be used anywhere, without requiring an electrical outlet. It’s a great choice for folks on the go and would be a smart way to snack a little healthier throughout the workday. It’s only $30 before the Kitchn-exclusive discount, so if you’ve been wanting to try a mini blender for smoothies and green juices, this would definitely be our pick!

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was $199.99

When it comes to juicers, quality really matters. It’s the difference between a glass full of chewy pulp and a smooth, fresh juice. We've been crushing on NutriBullet's Slow Juicer since it launched, thanks to its incredibly smart design. With an extra-wide chute (no pre-chopping required) and the capability to handle the toughest, most fibrous veg, you’d think this baby would be a monster. But nope: The Slow Juicer is a compact wonder, taking up minimal countertop real estate. And — bonus — it’s actually pretty quiet. Gotta love a juicer that purrs, rather than roars.

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was $129.99

A high-speed blender is a must for anyone who likes creamy soups, smoothies, or DIY nut milk. These powerful appliances typically cost hundreds of dollars, but NutriBullet’s version is only $130 (and that’s before our discount!). Wondering if it’s too good to be true? We were, too. After testing it out, we were truly impressed: It’s easy to use thanks to a simple touch screen, operates at a vigorous 1,500 watts (that’s a lot!), and comes with customizable speeds and programmable options. If you’ve been waiting to take the plunge on this sought-after appliance, consider this a sign: It’s your moment!

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Well, if this isn’t the cutest little air fryer we've ever seen! The 2.5-quart capacity basket is perfect for small households and is so user-friendly it practically runs itself. The air fryer was launched earlier this summer, but it’s already racked up rave reviews. Customers appreciate its efficiency (“Nothing takes very long in the air fryer, making it easier to cook for multiple people in batches. Everything comes out so evenly crispy,” says one fan) and its sleek aesthetic (“When it does have to be out and displayed, it looks nice,” raves another).

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was $49.99

Immersion blenders are clever tools, but NutriBullet’s version is downright brilliant. Not only can it purée, pulverize, and blend ingredients right in the pot, pan, or bowl, it can also whip them up. Unlike many immersion blenders, this one comes with a whisk attachment, making it so much more than a one-trick pony. It’s outfitted with variable speeds, and — here’s the big finish! — is slim enough to fit in your utensil drawer. Trust us: This is one specialty item you’re going to be reaching for all the time.

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was $99.99

Take NutriBullet's original personal blender, but make it matte — and in a slew of gorgeous colors. Wow, do we love this newest (online only) model of NutriBullet’s best-selling flagship product. It comes with everything you need for blended meals and snacks, including two 32-ounce cups and a 900-watt motor. It’s also undeniably cute, with modern colors like mint green, soft pink, and light plum.