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This Nutella-Tahini Cookie Will Change How You Think About Your Cast Iron Skillet

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If my cast iron skillet could talk, it would ask me to make this giant chocolate-chunk cookie. You see, cast iron skillets help us make tons of chicken, pork chops, and steaks, but they almost never get to make cookies. And secretly, they probably really want to. Once you listen to your skillet’s most inner-most desire and make this skillet cookie from Yoga of Cooking, it could change the way you think about your cast iron skillet — and the way you think about cookies. 

Grease a skillet like a baking dish and you can press just about any drop cookie dough right into it and bake one big cookie instead of a couple dozen small ones. But you should really try this particular cookie recipe because it’s a gooey, chocolatey mess, like a cookie should be. It’s also full of pretzels to make it crunchy and salty, and big dollops of Nutella, because Nutella is delicious. 

And underneath all the Nutella and chocolate is the second secret to this recipe (besides cooking it in your skillet): a few tablespoons of tahini added to the batter. Tahini adds a nutty, rich flavor, but it doesn’t taste strong or overpowering. If you added peanut butter to these cookies, you’d have great peanut butter cookies. When you add tahini, you wind up with a savory, intensely flavorful chocolate chunk cookie that makes you go, “What makes this taste so good?” 

You could cut the cookie into slices like a pie, or just eat it right out of the skillet with a spoon. For an extra-good time, put a scoop of ice cream in the middle of the hot cookie and see if you can eat it before the whole thing turns to soup. Accomplishing that would be easier with more people, but whether or not you choose to share this giant cookie with anybody besides your cast-iron skillet is up to you. 

Get the Recipe: Nutella-Stuffed Tahini Chocolate Chunk Skillet Cookie from Yoga of Cooking

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