Nutella Remedy: A Nibble Full of Love Guest Post from Christelle of Easy Does It

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Sometimes, a little comfort or support or comfort is needed, or just love. The cook has in the kitchen all the magic to make the loved ones feel better. A little thought, a little nibble is enough to brighten somebody’s day. A foolproof remedy is the Nutella method.

If you have ready in the fridge some puff pastry ready rolled and in the cupboard some Nutella, you have the ultimate weapon.

Cut out little heart in the pastry, cook them according to the guidelines, and spread with love some generous lashes of the unctuous Nutella. With the heat of the biscuit the Nutella will turn alive, beautiful and shiny. The operation will have lasted no more than a few and you will have turned around somebody’s world…

Do you really think anybody could resist you?

Thank you for sharing, Christelle! A nibble full of love, indeed. This does indeed look like a quick and easy treat for when we’re craving something sweet.

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(Image: Christelle of Easy Does It)