Nutella Changed Their Recipe and the Internet Is Not Having It

published Nov 9, 2017
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(Image credit: Faiz Zaki)

There are some things in life that shouldn’t change, like Van Halen without Sammy Hagar — it just doesn’t work! In this case, we’re talking about Nutella. It is quite literally the best possible combination of chocolate, hazelnut, and milk. Well it used to be, anyway. The beloved recipe has recently changed. Ladies and gentlemen, life as we know it is now over.

According to the Daily Mail, Ferrero (the makers of Nutella) recently had some issues with the tasty treat being as smooth as folks wanted it, so they made a few alterations based on suggestions from a consumer group.

Companies do this often, as there are always quality checks and panels of hungry taste-testers hard at work. Note to self: Acquire job as Nutella taste tester! But when you’re a mega-huge food staple with a crazed cult following, small tweaks are enough to make the internet go up in arms.

So what changed? The powdered skim milk. It is now listed as 8.7% and was originally 7.5%. For all those math majors out there, this is really only the difference of 1.2%, which doesn’t seem like that large of a change in the grand scheme of things. If you had 100 pennies and you accidentally dropped one, would you take to the internet and cry out with closed fists shaking in the air via tiny emojis? Probably not — most of us would just shrug it off and know that we’d be making a kid’s day when they found it later on.

The change has altered the color of the product, making it slightly lighter in hue, but will this stop me from purchasing it? Not in the slightest. Will I tell my children stories about how back in the day it used to be a shade darker? Man, if all the events in the world are that calm that it’s the only thing to talk about, then I dream of this wonderful thing called the future.