Numi’s Savory Teas: A Delightful, Satisfying New Brew

updated May 2, 2019
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Have you ever wanted to sip a warm, smooth, earthy beverage that’s also free of caffeine? Are you bored with the usual ‘sweet’ herbal tea offerings and would like to try something with more depth and complexity? Numi Organic Tea’s new line of Savory Teas will satisfy these cravings and delight you with their innovative blends of herbs, vegetables, and spices. For example, consider their Carrot Curry Tea, made with organic carrot, ginger, cilantro, and turmeric with a touch of onion and curry spices. Intrigued? Read on for more flavors!

Numo’s Organic Tea’s new Savory Tea offerings are a revelation. All organic and non-GMO, these teas are a blend of dried herbs, vegetables and spices that offer a savory, toothsome quality that is quite enjoyable. The teas are not made with perfumes or extracts, so the flavor is pure and clean tasting. Numi describes them perfectly as ‘not quite a soup, but more than a tea.’

Each cup of tea is only 5 calories, making them a perfect ‘snack’ for those days when you are watching your caloric intake. They also would be nice for when you’re feeling a bit under the weather. Their nutrition profile is negligible, however, (except for Broccoli Cilantro which offers 90% of daily recommended for calcium) so they should not be used as a substitute for real food.

Numi is currently offering 6 flavors:

Fennel Spice: fennel, celery root, orange peel, onion, dill, decaf green tea, honeybush, black pepper.
Broccoli Cilantro: broccoli, celery leaves, allspice, onion, cilantro, decaf green tea, garlic, black pepper, sage, turmeric.
Beet Cabbage: beet, cabbage, dried apple, decaf black tea, mustard seed, parsley, orange peel, coriander, clove, honeybush.
Carrot Curry: carrot, curry, cilantro, onion, ginger, turmeric, decaf green tea.
Tomato Mint: tomato, onion, mint, lemon peel, parsley, cinnamon, black pepper, decaf black tea, allspice.
Spinach Chive: spinach leaves, chives, dried lime, dill, onion, decaf green tea, coriander, turmeric, garlic.

I really enjoyed sipping these teas just as they are. But I admit that my cook’s mindset got to thinking that they also have a great culinary potential. It would be fascinating to pair the teas with food or even use them in your cooking, such as brewing up Carrot Curry to cook rice or using the Tomato Mint as a base for a vegetable soup. I’m sure mixologists will have fun with these as an ingredient in savory cocktails.

You can purchase these teas on the Numi Organic Tea website for now where they’re currently on sale for $7.19 per 12 count box. I recommend the Garden Sampler box which offers 2 each of the 6 teas but you can also purchase each tea individually. On March 15, 2013, you will be able to purchase them at select Whole Foods stores.

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