Bob Boilen’s Ultimate Dinner Party Playlist

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As the host of NPR’s All Songs Considered, Bob Boilen knows music. So when it comes to creating the perfect dinner party playlist, who better to ask than the man who listens to thousands of songs every year? His playlist, as told to House Beautiful, is pretty great — a terrific mix of artists (Jeff Buckley! Jónsi! LCD Soundsystem!) and styles to keep the party going.

The Top 10 Songs in Bob Boilen’s Ultimate Party Playlist

  1. Redencion – Orlando Cachaito Lopez
  2. All I Want – LCD Soundsystem
  3. Animal Arithmetic – Jónsi
  4. My Boys – Taken By Trees
  5. Walking – Nneka
  6. Beach Comber – Real Estate
  7. She Comes To Me – Adam Arcuragi
  8. Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us – Sam Phillips
  9. I Can See the Pines Are Dancing – A.A. Bondy
  10. New Year’s Prayer – Jeff Buckley

To see the full list (21 songs, about 1.5 hours of music) go to House Beautiful‘s website. They link to iTunes where you can buy and download the playlist. Or you could plug the songs into your own playlist on Spotify (which is what I’m going to do!).

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(Images: album covers via House Beautiful)