No-Waste Tip: Save Leftover Bean Broth for Poaching Eggs

updated May 2, 2019
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Besides perfectly tender and flavorful beans, another big bonus of cooking dried beans from scratch is bean broth, the tasty and nutritious liquid left behind in the pot. If you’re tired of using it in soups, Rancho Gordo owner and all-around bean guru Steve Sando has one surprising suggestion for extra bean broth: poach eggs in it!

Leftover bean-cooking liquid is particularly flavorful if you cooked your beans with aromatics like bay leaf and garlic or smoked meats. It can be used anywhere you might use chicken or vegetable stock, but using it as the poaching liquid for eggs is a particularly elegant way to make the most of an ingredient that you might be tempted to just dump down the drain.

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How do you use leftover bean broth?

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