Nothing Fancy: In Praise of Plain Old Red Potatoes

Nothing Fancy: In Praise of Plain Old Red Potatoes

Emma Christensen
Jun 23, 2010

We eat a lot of potatoes in our house. As in, potatoes are a permanent entry on our weekly shopping list. Ninety-nine percent of the time, we're buying plain old red-skinned potatoes. Roasted, boiled, or steamed, these guys stay creamy and sweet. We love them! Do you?

Red-skinned potatoes are considered a waxy potato, which means they have a smoother texture and hold up well to cooking. They hold up so well, in fact, that we consider them more all-purpose than actual all-purpose potatoes like Yukon golds!

We toss our red-skinned with oil and roast them in the oven; cook them with onions for breakfast hash or a dinner frittata; boil them for potato salad; even slice them thinly for microwave potato chips. No matter what kind of preparation we throw at them, our red potatoes rise to the challenge.

Another bonus is that the skin on red potatoes is so thin that they don't require peeling. We give them a good scrub in the sink, chop them into bite-sized chunks, and they're ready to go. Easy peasy.

There's absolutely nothing fancy about the kind of potato we buy, either. They're not heirloom or even organic (though we've been seriously considering switching to organic given the permanent presence of potatoes on the Dirty Dozen list). We'll switch over to buying our potatoes at the farmer's market once they're in season, but the rest of the year we're buying them at the chain grocery store across the street.

Do you love red-skinned potatoes too, or has another kind of potato claimed your affection?

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(Image: Emma Christensen)

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