Please Do Not Add Self-Linking Signatures to Comments

The Kitchn has a fabulous, active community, and we appreciate all of you. But we need to issue a friendly reminder on self-linking signatures in comments. We notice that many community members sign their comments with a link to their blog or site, and we would like to ask you to please not to do so.

If you have a specific link on your blog or site that advances or augments the discussion in a comment thread, that is fine to include. But please do not include an automatic signature or purely self-promotional link with your comment as this makes comment threads unnecessarily long. Comments are for commenting only!

As editors we do not have the ability to snip or edit comments, so comments violating this aspect of our comment policy will be deleted. (You can view our full comment policy here.) The comment threads are for interaction on topics, and we appreciate you staying on topic! Thank you!

(And watch out for new and improved community features rolling out sometime this year; we are working hard on making our community an even better place for our members, and to facilitate sharing information and links of all kinds!)