Notable Quotes on Dinner Parties

Notable Quotes on Dinner Parties

Regina Yunghans
Apr 25, 2013

When it comes to dinner parties, everyone wants to weigh in. From where to sit to what's fair game for topics of conversation, lots of famous folks —  Dr. Seuss, Oscar Wilde, Ina Garten —are on the record talking about dinner parties. Here are a few memorable quotes:

If I were invited to a dinner party with my characters, I wouldn't show up.              
- Dr. Seuss
I try to greet my friends with a drink in my hand, a warm smile on my face, and great music in the background, because that's what gets a dinner party off to a fun start.
- Ina Garten

I wasn't a great dinner party guest. I would say, 'Great to be here. Now, can I have some steamed chicken and steamed vegetables?  
- Hugh Jackman
If it was my business, I wouldn't talk about it. It is very vulgar to talk about one's business. Only people like stockbroker's do that, and then merely at dinner parties.
- Oscar Wilde
At a formal dinner party, the person nearest death should always be seated closest to the bathroom.  
- George Carlin
I can get a better grasp of what is going on in the world from one good Washington dinner party than from all the background information NBC piles on my desk.
- Barbara Walters
At a dinner party one should eat wisely but not too well, and talk well but not too wisely.
- W. Somerset Maugham, British playwright
Do any of these quotes strike a nerve for you? Heard any other quips or good stories about dinner parties? Please share below!

(Images: David & Deborah Hopler, D Squared Photography & Video for The Kitchn)

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