Apple Desserts Best Served In Apples

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Apple pie is a serious comfort food and I’m sure we’re all used to eating it in the most traditional form. Why not spice things up a bit and make a total crowd pleaser even better? Try serving apple delights in the actual apple!

Caramel apples are a staple in Autumn, whether you make your own or head to your local orchard and purchase delicious pre-prepared ones they’re usually the same — caramel on the outside. Well, the Caramel Filled Apples from Lilly Shop are a little break from tradition. Dip pieces of apple into the carmel filled apple and then eat the bowl!

If you want to stay a little closer to tradition, try the Apple Pie in The Apple from Testado, Provado and Aprovado. You have all of the traditional apple pie ingredients — even the crust on top! Here are some fun apple desserts best served in apples:

Apple Pie in The Apple, Testado, Provado and Aprovado
Apple Pie Apple, The Cooking of Joy
Baked Apples With Sundried Cherries and Maple Syrup, Martha Stewart
Spiked Apple Cider In Apple Cups, Tasty Kitchen
Caramel Filled Apples, Lilly Shop

(Images: Testado, Provado and Aprovado, The Cooking of Joy, Martha Stewart, Tasty Kitchen, Lilly Shop)