Not Ready to Put Away the Cookie Cutters? More Ways to Use Them Every Day

(Image credit: Emma Christensen and Leela Cyd)

Packing up the holiday cookies cutters always makes me a little sad that the season— and its ever-present excuse for pulling out butter and sugar — is at an end. Not feeling quite ready to part with your Christmas stars and gingerbread men? Take some inspiration from The Food Network and put your cookie cutters to use in other clever ways around the kitchen.

Most of their suggestions work better if you have a child under the age of ten in residence, but even grownups can occasionally get on board with a plate of gingerbread people pancakes or eggs in a star-shaped basket. I particularly like the idea of using cookie cutters to cut out pizza dough for mini pizzas.

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What other ways do you put your cookie cutters to work?