Not Just for Babies! Beaba Multiportion Freezer Trays

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

These pretty freezer trays are intended to hold single servings of baby food. But looking at them now, I’m thinking that we grown-ups can make good use of them, too. Especially when it comes to quick-fix midweek meals.

I came across these trays while looking up alternatives to Ball’s Freezer Jars, but since they only hold two ounces, I originally dismissed them as being too small to be useful. But then I got to thinking about all the small-sized things a tray like this could be used for:

Summer pesto
Portioned fruit for morning smoothies
Leftover pasta sauce in individual servings
Small portions of sorbet and ice cream
Chicken and vegetable stock
Freezer jam and other freezer canning
Big ice cubes for cocktails and punch bowls
Mold for jello, panna cotta, and other molded desserts

The trays are made of a flexible silicone, so it’s easy to pop out just what you need. The trays have tight-fitting lids that make them easy to stack, though you could also remove all the portions after freezing and store them in a freezer bag.

Do you use a Baeba Tray for freezing things other than baby food?

Find It! Beaba Multiportion Freezer Trays, $24.95 from Williams-Sonoma