The Unexpected Cleaning Tool I Use Every Single Day in My Kitchen (on Practically Every Surface!)

published May 26, 2024
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Beverages on mirror before and after being cleaned with microfiber dusting mitt.
Credit: L. Daniela Alvarez

As much as I enjoy cleaning (I honestly do), I have somehow never learned my lesson to not clean after giving myself a manicure. My urge to clean always seems to supersede the time and effort I spend painting my nails or, worse, getting them done. Whether I’m washing the dishes or wiping down a few surfaces, my hands typically come second to a clean home. Until now.

I figured there must be a solution to maintaining my manicure without compromising my cleaning routine. If there were cotton gloves I could use to clean my houseplants, then there must be something similar for every other surface. In my search, I found a reliable cleaning accessory that not only protects my hands and fingernails, but also gets my counters, mirrors, and windows sparkling clean. 

The Norwex Dusting Mitt is essentially an oversized mitten (at least for my small hands) made completely of ultrasoft microfiber and contains an antimicrobial agent. I love the cinch around the wrist that keeps it from sliding off while I’m cleaning and the convenient loop to hang while it dries. 

Credit: L. Daniela Alvarez

This handy mitt can be used wet or dry, although I prefer adding a surface cleaner directly to the mitt when I’m using it to clean glass or mirrors. When I’m using it to dust, I simply brush it with a fabric brush afterward; otherwise, I can conveniently toss it directly into the washing machine. 

Credit: L. Daniela Alvarez

Although admittedly more expensive than similar products, this mitt has been able to clean just about every surface in my home while comfortably protecting my hand. Unlike a glove, the mitt gives my hand a better cleaning surface area and doesn’t compress my fingers, which would ultimately ruin any fresh nail polish I have on. If you’re looking for a more convenient way to clean and dust that doesn’t involve a flimsy cloth, this mitt is definitely worth a try — plus, it’s also available on the Norwex website in three different colors so you can match them to your nails like I did! 

Buy: Norwex Dusting Mitt, $33.50