The $6 Tool Every Pickle-Lover Needs

published Aug 25, 2023
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Plated pickle brine fried egg on toasted bread, garnished with dill and red pepper flakes. Pickles on the side.
Credit: Lena Abraham

I live in a pickle household. Every person in my house is a pickle fiend (we love the lineup of pickled veggies from Dillys) and, as a result, our fridge is packed with every manner of pickled delicacy at all times — from classic snack pickles to sandwich slices to pickled green beans, onions, and more. 

But a while back, I grew tired of the same routine of desperately trying to stick my fingers into a too-small jar to grab the last few pickles (and tired of several pairs of germy hands contaminating every jar), so I bought a $6 tool that changed the game for us.  

What’s So Great About the Norpro Stainless Steel and Plastic Deluxe Pickle Pincher?

The small and simple little tool in question is the ​​Norpro Stainless Steel and Plastic Deluxe Pickle Pincher. It takes up as much space in your drawer as a pair of chopsticks or a butter knife, and can be tossed in the dishwasher or easily hand-washed after use. 

Credit: Annie Burdick

The handy device has a button at the top that activates a spring-loaded pincher to grab pickles, olives, or other jarred snacks and sides. It clamps down gently as you take your finger off the button, leaving you with a much easier-to-access snack. 

Credit: Annie Burdick

Yes, you can fiddle around at the bottom of a pickle or olive jar with a fork, trying to grab your bounty, but this inexpensive tool does the trick substantially better, and actually grips the food in question, instead of you trying to stab or scoop it out of the jar. 

Credit: Annie Burdick

If you’re serving pickles, olives, or other mini hors d’oeuvres, this is also a perfect item to leave on the table so guests can easily serve themselves without having to touch snacks they’re not taking and keeping germy hands out of communal bowls, or asking you for an extra fork.

Ultimately, the little pickle pincher ensures you don’t miss anything at the bottom of the jar (which is just about the saddest thing for my pickle-loving family) ever again.