The Editor-Loved $6 Butter Spreader That Makes Corn on the Cob So Much Better

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Credit: Joe Lingeman

Until someone invents a way to pour solid butter out of a bottle like olive oil, we have to rely on a few different tools for slicing, spreading, and distributing our butter. For the most part, they all work fine, but some designs are a little more convenient than others, and a few butter holders actually look nice enough to be decorations. We’ve even found some that come with built-in storage nooks for spreaders and one that has a nifty magnet to always keep a butter knife handy.

However, to get a butter holding device that goes a step beyond in user-friendliness and smart design, you have to look outside the traditional realm of crocks and trays. One of the most clever butter holding and spreading tools we’ve seen is this one that our editors found on Amazon. It lets you apply butter to toasted bread, fresh corn, or hot skillets with just one hand, and, most importantly, it doesn’t require you to dirty a knife in the process. This single-hand butter dispenser is also only $6, so it’s an incredibly affordable way to upgrade your butter storage situation.

This butter container consists of three parts that are all dishwasher-safe: a holster that holds up to half a stick of butter, a plunger to help dispense the butter, and a cap to keep it from absorbing odors in your fridge. Once the butter is inside, you can take the cap off and press down on the plunger to move the butter forward, then spread it over whatever needs buttering. Plus, because you don’t need to use a knife to get the butter out, this device is safe for kids to use on their own.

While Amazon reviewers have great things to say about this butter holder, the one compliment they all agree on is its ability to make buttering corn cobs ridiculously easy. “If you like corn on the cob, you need this,” one reviewer wrote. “You can butter your corn without making a mess. Absolutely love it.”

Credit: Amazon

Another shopper shared their memory of using this as a kid and appreciated how well it still works today: “I remember having a butter holder, exactly like this, for corn when I was growing up. It was nice to find the same one. No more having the butter slip off the corn when applying it with a knife. No more tricks like using a fork and having the butter melt through the tines … It’s also great that the butter is covered at one end by the plunger and the other end by a cover. This way, the butter will stay fresh and always ready for corn when you need it.”

Credit: Amazon

If you get this butter spreader in time for summer, you’re definitely going to appreciate having it on your dinner table. And, by keeping your butter more organized and accessible, this kitchen gadget will make your fridge look a little neater, which is always nice. While you’re shopping, check out one of our editors’ other favorite corn tools that also happens to be perfect for summer.