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I Tried This Viral Baking Sheet and It Made Cooking for One a Breeze

published Aug 29, 2022
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Sheet pan sausage and peppers
Credit: Shelly Westerhausen

When we come across a kitchen tool that is best in both performance and price, we can’t help but sing its praises as much as possible. While there are a few winners of our annual Kitchen Essentials: Tools Edition that check both of these boxes, there’s one item in particular that we’ve been raving about for years. The Nordic Ware Quarter Sheet is not only our favorite quarter baking sheet year after year, but it has also raked in nearly 40,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.

So, when I decided it was time to buy a new baking sheet for my kitchen, there was no question about which one I’d get. I’ve found that this quarter-sized sheet has easily outranked my larger sheets for convenience, while the heavy-duty aluminum prevents any warping whatsoever. For such an affordable price, I can’t believe I waited so long to get my hands on this kitchen essential.

Although the Great Jones Holy Sheet pan is our favorite pick for a sheet pan, it does come in on the more expensive side. What drew me to the Nordic Ware baking sheet is its affordable price — especially for such a durable item. It’s made of pure aluminum, instead of aluminized steel or aluminum and steel, and therefore conducts heat extremely quickly and efficiently.

What’s more is that this pan truly is warp-proof. The only piece of steel in this sheet is in the rim, which aids in helping it keep its shape in the oven. (Plus, the rim gives it a solid lip that’s easy to grip, even while wearing oven mitts!) And, even though it’s heavy-gauge (meaning it’s thick, which also adds to its warp-proof properties), it remains lightweight and easy to take in and out of the oven.

As far as everyday use goes, this baking sheet is so solid and efficient that I want to use it all the time. When I first used it, I roasted an entire bunch of asparagus to perfection in 10 minutes, while my old baking sheet would often take much longer. I’ve noticed that my food not only cooks faster, but it also cooks more evenly. I was genuinely surprised when all of the asparagus had roasted to the same tenderness, rather than the usual “some undercooked and some overcooked” assortment of stalks. And, I love that there aren’t any hot spots and that liquid doesn’t pool in the corners of the pans.

Aside from the high performance of this Nordic Ware sheet pan, I also love the size. Because I’m always cooking for one, I can finally roast small batches of veggies, one piece of salmon, or a half pound of chicken breasts without having to pull out a large sheet pan. Quickly sponging off this small baking sheet — versus cleaning the bulky one I had before — makes doing the dishes after dinner less of a dreadful process. And, while you can get this set of two on Amazon for $22, I personally bought a single pan at Walmart for just $8.

As if the rave reviews and constant praise from professional testers wasn’t enough evidence of this pan’s impressive performance, I can personally attest to the simple joy of adding this quarter sheet pan to my kitchen. Once the weather cools down (and I stop using my air fryer for everything!), I plan on using this baking sheet even more for making cozy, small-batch fall meals and plenty of delicious cookies.