This Nordic Ware Loaf Pan Is My Secret to Super Pretty Bakes With Minimal Effort

published Feb 21, 2023
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loaf of pound cake with slices falling off
Credit: Food Styling: Amelia Rampe

Baking is one of those hobbies that I don’t get to dabble in as often as I’d like, but when I’ve got some free time to toss together the usual suspects — flour, sugar, butter, eggs — you better believe I’ll jump at the chance. The steps are soothing, methodical, almost meditative, and the end reward is pretty great, whether we’re talking a sweet quick loaf bread or tangy sourdough

Another factor that comes into play is the bakeware. I know it’s a small thing, but using gorgeous bakeware that enhances the overall appearance just makes the whole experience more fulfilling. 

I’d had my eye on the gorgeous Bundt and loaf pans from Nordic Ware for a while and finally got my hands on a couple of the brand’s bakeware pieces last fall when I was gearing up for baking season. The bronze collection is absolutely gorgeous with loads of seasonal decor elements, and the Harvest Bounty Loaf has been one of my favorites.

What’s So Great About Nordic Ware’s Bounty Loaf Pan?

Nordic Ware has been around for more than 75 years and is beloved by home and pro bakers alike, especially among our team. It specializes in cast aluminum bakeware, which offers a nice heft without the weighty, cumbersome feel of cast iron. The aluminum is also a great heat conductor, which lends itself to beautiful, even bakes with gorgeous, light crusts. 

I’ve used decorative pans in the past and haven’t had a whole lot of luck, so even though Nordic Ware is super popular, I was skeptical that I might not get that picture-perfect result with the Harvest Bounty Loaf Pan. After a long baking season, I’ve consistently had great results with my bakes, and have experimented with everything from chocolate chip banana bread to lemon poppyseed to pumpkin bread. 

The intricate pan is a little bit different compared to traditional bakeware. To get the best results, I learned that you have to lightly coat it with butter or shortening and then dust with flour, or you can use a flour-infused baking spray. This adds about five more minutes to the baking process, as you want to make sure you’re getting each crevice coated well. However, this extra step helps prevent any sticking so you can post gorgeous snaps of your loaf on Instagram — or at least look really fancy when hosting or bringing some baked goods to share.

Along with the fall collection — which consists of loaf pans, Bundt pans, and adorable individual cakelet pans — Nordic Ware makes a variety of classic and holiday-themed pans. I’ve got my heart set on some of the new Valentine’s Day bakeware (pun intended), which I would personally use year-round for all sorts of bakes. The Rose Bundt Pan and Bundt Tea Cakes Pan are two of my favorites from the collection. Of course, you can always go for something more classic, like this minimalist Braided Loaf Pan that the brand debuted for its 75th anniversary, or the seriously wow-worthy Brilliance Bundt Pan.

You truly can’t go wrong with Nordic Ware pans, and I’m telling you first-hand that whatever design you’re drawn to, this gorgeous bakeware will take your baking game to a whole new level. 

Buy: NordicWare Harvest Bounty Loaf, $22.80