Editor’s Choice: Nora M.’s Favorite Posts of 2008 Best of 2008

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Nora Maynard is a longstanding contributor to The Kitchn: first with her column on food and film,
The Celluloid Pantry, and now with her weekly column on the art of the cocktail:

Here are her hand-picked favorites from the past year at The Kitchn.

I’m constantly inspired, entertained – and just plain wow-ed – by the posts my colleagues at The Kitchn come up with. I picked one from each writer – I wish I could pick more!

How to Open a Durian Fruit — I loved how Kathryn rolled up her sleeves and did a full pictorial investigation of this amazing (and stinky) fruit. Her step-by-step instructions for tackling this beast make it all look so easy.

The Cheesemonger’s Top Ten Rules for Ultimate Cheese Sanity — This is a truly useful and down-to-earth guide for the care and handling of one of the world’s greatest foods.

Farmer’s Market Report: Mysterious Cauliflower — Vegetables have personalities – who knew? Dana’s description of this unusual-looking cauliflower really brought it to life – and was food for a lot of fun discussion on The Kitchn too.

Party Recipe: Spicy Oven-Roasted Chickpeas — These sounded great when Faith first posted them last February, I didn’t get around to making them until just this weekend. I was looking around for something to snack on while watching a movie at home and I was happy to realize I had all the ingredients on hand (the weather was terrible and I was really glad not to have to run out to the store). So easy and so good!

Cheap Wines for Tough Times
— A really handy – and timely – guide to some hidden gems out there.

Quince Report: The Good News and the Bad News — Oh, the humanity! It was sad to see all these promising-looking quinces go to compost, but the silver lining was that Emma’s story made a great springboard for sharing our tales of cooking disasters.

Recipe: Easy, Foolproof Cobbler (for Any Fruit) — Elizabeth’s written account of an (until then) unwritten family recipe was a real treat. I love recipes that are handed down through generations and memorized by each one.

Ginkgo Organic Gardens in Chicago — Joanna’s report on her personal experience working in this community garden is quite inspiring. A little glimpse through the gates of a green world.

What’s the Difference? Paprika — Emily’s primer on paprika is super-handy. It set a lot of things straight about the spice I was a little unsure about before.

Straight Up: DIY Simple Syrup
— Simple syrup’s a true bar staple – and so easy to make. I find myself linking back to this in new cocktail posts again and again.

Recipe: Big Pancake — The photo for this post is mouthwateringly delicious. In fact, I think I’m going to go make a big pancake right now….