Editor’s Choice: Nora S.’s Favorite Posts of 2008 Best of 2008

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Nora Singley is our resident cheesemonger; she’s the one who tells you all about
why certain cheeses are blue and why there are
tiny crunchy bits in some cheese.

Here are her favorite posts from The Kitchn’s past year.

Food Science Posts:
Food Science: The Science Behind Nonstick Cooking Spray
Food Science: The Anatomy of a Pie Crust
Does Putting a Spoon into Champagne Keep it Bubbly?
Food Science: The Difference Between White Meat and Dark Meat
Food Science: How Popcorn Pops
Food Science: The Case for Oven Finishing
I’m a huge fan of these because they’re so informative. They answer questions I didn’t know I had (or didn’t think could be answered!) And every so often there’s a post that refers to something I’ve always wondered about.

One Weekend, Two Dinner Parties– I think we’ve all found ourselves in this kind of (pleasant) conundrum. I loved reading about how Elizabeth planned menus that eased stress but maintained variation, and her tips were helpful, too…

• Faith’s Wedding Cake: The Homemade Wedding Cake I think the pictures speak for themselves. Such a great chronicle of a successful undertaking. I felt like I was there!

Straight Up: How to Create Your Own Cocktail Recipes– Super helpful tips from our mixologist-in-residence. The post gave me a really great sense of what to think about when making up your own cocktail. When I mix cocktails that I make up myself, they tend to be pretty haphazard, constructed without much mindfulness as to the ratio of alcohol to non-alcoholic components. This post made me think a bit more about what I could do with my cocktails and how to experiment beforehand to come up with a well-constructed recipe.