Non-Alcoholic (Yet Special!) Sips for the Holidays

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Thanksgiving and the holiday season call for special sips at parties and dinners. But not everyone drinks alcohol, and it’s a little sad to think of drinking water or apple juice with your turkey. Never fear, though — there is a growing space of sophisticated, grown-up, yet alcohol-free drinks that are just as good (really!) as bubbly. Here are our favorites.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The highest recommendation we can give to a nonalcoholic product right now would go to White Jasmine Sparkling Tea from Golden Star Tea (see our review here). This is a slightly fermented, fizzy jasmine tea that pairs beautifully with food, and that has a lot of the complexity of wine. Honestly we like it as much as champagne; even for those who drink alcohol, this is a total treat. It’s about $10 a bottle, which when compared to wine is not bad at all.

Several other sodas that we have recommended include GuS, DRY, and Vignette Wine Country sodas. Wine Country is especially interesting to us, since it uses wine grapes to make a light, dry, fizzy sip that seems like it would be very food-friendly. We also love the subtle, barely-scented DRY soda; the Juniper and Kumquat are especially promising for pairing with holiday foods.

Online Sources
Golden Star White Jasmine Sparkling Tea, $51.80 (plus shipping) for a case of 4 730 ML bottles. Also available in Northern California and Pacific NW Whole Foods, plus some limited locations in NYC.
Vignette Wine Country Sodas, $28,50 (+$16.95 shipping) for a 12-pack of 12-ounce bottles. Also available in these locations.
DRY Soda 12-Pack
, $19 (plus shipping) for a case of 12 12-ounce bottles. Also available nationally at specialty and gourmet stores.
Grown-up Sodas (GuS) – Distributed nationwide at Target, Whole Foods, and The Fresh Market.

Here are a few more non-alcoholic drinks, some of which you can make yourself.

Buckler Non-Alcoholic Beer – Highest rated NA beer we’ve tried.
Non-Alcoholic Cocktails that Impress – A great roundup of fun NA cocktails, with recipes.
Rhubarb Soda – Syrup and soda.
Blackberry Elderflower Spritzer with Mint – This is quite summery, but there are other options for homemade holiday spritzers. We have to say that fizzy water with a few cranberries and a slice of lime is pretty nice.

There are a lot of creative options, even without buying one of the recommendations above. What non-alcoholic holiday sips do you serve and drink?

(Images: Golden Star Tea; Vignette Wine Country Soda; DRY Soda)