Non-Sweet Treat Ideas for an Easter Basket?

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Q: I usually make my husband an Easter basket even though we do not have any kids. This year my husband is trying not to eat any sweets and I want to support him. All I can come up with is carrots and his favorite coffee. Any tips for healthy, easy-to-package finger foods or items to purchase to include in this year’s basket?

Sent by Shelbi

Editor: Shelbi, well there’s always the butter lamb — kind of retro, kind of awesome. Or a batch of delicious tea eggs. You could also brainstorm non-food items he needs on a regular basis (razors, favorite brand of soap) and tuck a couple things like that into the basket. And if all else fails, there’s always beer.

Readers, what else would you suggest for a non-sweet Easter basket?

(Image: Katie Stoops via Oh Joy!)