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I’ve Tried Countless Non-Dairy Ice Cream Bars — Now This Is the One I’m Buying on Repeat

published Jul 18, 2021
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A variety of ice cream bars on marble
Credit: Sarah Crowley

My favorite part about my parents’ house in the New Jersey suburbs is the fact that they have a second fridge in the garage. It’s where they put any overflow food and drinks that haven’t earned prime real estate in the kitchen fridge/freezer. (It also saves the day whenever my mom makes too many lasagnas — which happens far more frequently than you might think.)

Anyway, last spring, while my family was pretty much all hunkered down together at home, Kitchn contributor Danielle Centoni wrote this brilliant ice cream bar taste test. I devoured it, yearning for summer treats, and vowed to try as many ice cream bars as Danielle did. Needless to say, that second freezer was filled … and fast.

The ones that excited me the most (as someone who is in denial about a likely lactose intolerance), were the plant-based, non-dairy bars. And surprisingly, there are a lot to choose from! As Danielle concluded and I corroborated, one stands out from the rest, and that’s the Daiya Classic Vanilla Bean Frozen Dessert Bar.

Credit: Danielle Centoni

The “ice cream” is made with coconut cream, and it still has that classic vanilla ice cream bar appeal. It’s luxuriously creamy (not icy or watery), and coated in a thick chocolate shell that has the satisfying snap that I always look for when I bite into an ice cream bar. I love the Classic Vanilla Bean version, but also can’t get enough of Chocolate Fudge Crunch and Salted Caramel Swirl flavors either. Perhaps the best part is that, in a blind tasting, I would never guess that any of these are plant-based.

This summer, you can guess what my parents spare freezer is full of: boxes and boxes of Daiya bars. Heck, even the main freezer is full of Daiya bars. Yes, I converted the rest of my family, too.

What’s your favorite plant-based frozen treat?