I’ve Tried Every Non-Dairy Creamer & This Is My Favorite

updated May 1, 2019
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Over the last five years, I’ve tried every non-dairy coffee creamer on the market. And I mean every! My quest for the perfect option started six years ago — when we learned that my then-breastfed baby has a dairy sensitivity — and ended this year, when I discovered the only non-dairy creamer that looks, acts, and tastes like regular half-and-half.

This pea-powered creamer was actually suggested by several Kitchn readers and is now the only half-and-half we buy — even for my dairy-loving husband. It’s truly the only non-dairy creamer worth your money. Don’t bother with anything else!

(Image credit: Meghan Splawn)

Ripple Half-and-Half Tastes Just Like the Real Thing

When I say I’ve tried every non-dairy creamer, I mean it. I’ve special-ordered Nutpods and Oatly; I’ve even tried making my own at home! So when Kitchn wrote reviews of non-dairy and non-nut-based milk alternatives, I read closely and tuned into the comments. Several readers mentioned the pea-protein-based milk Ripple — not just the milk, but specifically the half-and-half.

“I can vouch for Ripple’s version of half-and-half. It’s creamy, doesn’t break, and not sweet. I get it at Whole Foods and Target.”

“I can also vouch for both Ripple’s milk and half-and-half. Love the brand!”

I was super surprised to find that my local Fred Meyer carried it too — and not even in the natural foods section, but right alongside the dairy creamers!

Buy: Ripple Half-and-Half, $3.50 for a 16-ounce bottle at Target

What I Love About Ripple’s Half-and-Half

Ripple’s half-and-half doesn’t break, curdle, or clump in hot or cold coffee, which many non-dairy creamers do. It tastes almost exactly the same as regular half-and-half, and it doesn’t require a longer pour (i.e., a bigger portion) because it’s just as creamy.

Have you tried Ripple’s pea-powered products yet?