No-Bake Desserts: Two Recipes from Domino

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re contemplating a no-bake dessert this weekend, which is not difficult considering how much gorgeous fruit is available right now. Here are two recipes from Domino that take advantage of summer fruit – and don’t involve your oven at all!

No-bake strawberry cream pie – This looks like such a dressy dessert, and almost no work at all. You just puree strawberries and chill them with a little cornstarch in a graham cracker crust. Dress it up with whipped cream and you’re done!

Nectarines with greek yogurt, honey and lavender – Well, you know how we feel about lavender in our desserts. And we’re crazy about nectarines, so as soon as they start showing up at the farmer’s market we’re making this.

What’s your favorite no-bake dessert?