No Yard? Ways to Still Enjoy Dinner Outside!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Living in an apartment building with no outdoor space, we often get jealous when we come across great grilling recipes or hear about plans for backyard dinner parties. We still love to eat outside, though! We just have to be a little more creative about how we do it.

1. Front Stoop Dinners – We used to live in an apartment building that had a broad set of steps leading up to the front door. Taking our dinner down there and settling on the bottom step was a great way to get out doors and catch up with all our neighbors!

2. Organize a Picnic Club – We don’t get to the park for summer picnics nearly as much as we’d like to. Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo has a solution: form a picnic club with all your other yard-less friends and make regular plans to rendez vous at the park for dinner (via A Cup of Jo).

3. Head to the Roof – This is where we’d have our dream dinner party, but a flat rooftop is also great for casual meals. Take a few folding chairs and a TV tray up there with your dinner and watch the sun go down.

4. Re-arrange The Furniture – Normally, our dining room table is in the middle of the room. During the summer months, we like to move it right up against the windows so we can eat with a breeze in our faces. It’s almost like eating outside!

If you also live in an apartment building, what other strategies have you developed to still eat meals outside?

(Image: Flickr member C. K. Hartman licensed under Creative Commons)