No, There Won’t Be a Second Season of “Salt Fat Acid Heat” on Netflix, Says Samin Nosrat

updated Oct 1, 2019
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Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Samin Nosrat, the former Chez Panisse chef; New York Times recipe writer; and author who skyrocketed to fame with the double whammy of the publication of her best-selling, award-winning, beloved illustrated cookbook, Salt Fat Acid Heat, and the stunning, intriguing Netflix show of the same name, has delivered a blow of bad news this week, reports People: There will not be a second season of the show.

But don’t mourn the welcoming nature, gentle instructions, and effusive enthusiasm she brought to the small screen: Samin says that she is already in the early stages of planning a different show that will incorporate many of the same culinary travel elements that enraptured audiences in the original.

While everything is still getting planned and nothing is finalized yet, she does promise that whatever happens, the series will showcase the birthplace of Mexican cuisine, Oaxaca. She told People, “I’ve never been there and I’ve always been so fascinated by the culture, by the textiles, by the natural light, by the food obviously, by the food traditions. I really, really want to go there.”

So much of the first show was driven by Samin’s delightful personality and clear fascination and enjoyment of everywhere she went and everything she learned, so it seems likely that her second show — coming when she can command more personal power in the direction of the show — can only get even better. 

She’ll also be coming out with a sophomore effort on the cookbook front, she announced in May, although there’s no publication date announced yet. The book, What to Cook, will feature the same illustrator and her colorful infographics that made the first one so easy and entertaining to use, along with Samin’s calm, confident, and ever-so-functional recipes.

So, while we don’t really know when anything is happening, it’s good to know that Samin will be bringing more of what her fans want to all mediums. We just have to work on our patience until it happens.