No Pantry? No Problem. Use a Hutch Instead!

published Apr 7, 2017
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(Image credit: Lauren Kolyn)

If you don’t have a specialized storage space in your kitchen for shelf-stable items, you may silently curse us every time we post in our new Pantries to Pin series. It’s meant to be aspirational eye candy (basically just like certain social media apps) that we can all lust after. We usually try to include some actionable advice or ideas that you can steal for whatever space you do have (an upper cabinet, a rolling kitchen cart, a basket, etc.), and now we present a real storage idea for those of you who just don’t have a pantry.

The idea? A hutch! Or a china cabinet, depending on what you prefer to call it.

(Image credit: Lauren Kolyn)

Traditionally used in dining rooms to hold entertaining essentials like china, linens, and tabletop accessories, hutches are a great storage piece to move into your kitchen space, like homeowners Melissa and Sonny did in their Canadian countryside home.

If you have the floor space to put a hutch in your kitchen, it’s kind of a no-brainer, although we see nothing wrong with keeping the hutch in the dining room and loading it up with pantry staples. (It’s still a room technically designed for food, right?)

We might even argue that a hutch is better than a pantry. Each one packs a variety of storage solutions — from shelves for dry goods, books, and extra equipment, to drawers and cabinets for lesser-used entertaining gear or linens. If you find a hutch with deep enough shelves, you can even add secondary storage, like a spinning spice rack or seagrass bins for extra organization.

Older hutches, featuring a covetable worn-in patina, are readily available at most flea markets (the one from Melissa and Sonny’s kitchen, above, was a hand-me-down piece), while more modern versions can obviously be bought at retail.

3 of Our Favorites

Most feature paned glass doors in front, but if that’s not your look (or if you just don’t want guests catching a glimpse of your pantry goodies), then fear not — you can always cover the panes from the inside with a gorgeous piece of fabric or removable wallpaper panel. Not only will it disguise whatever you’ve got going on inside, but it’s also a great way to add a fun pop of color or print to your kitchen.

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Would you use a hutch as a pantry?