No More Plastic Wrap: What About Baking?

No More Plastic Wrap: What About Baking?

Emily Han
Oct 21, 2009

Wrap dough tightly in plastic wrap. These are familiar instructions to home bakers, and I even include them in my own recipes here on The Kitchn. Though I don't use plastic wrap for many purposes other than chilling pastry, pie, and cookie dough, I am always looking for ways to make my kitchen more environmentally friendly and now that plastic bags and paper towels are (mostly) out of the picture, I'm turning to plastic wrap...

For most purposes, plastic wrap may be replaced with containers, aluminum foil, or reusable bowl covers. But what about pastry dough, which often needs to be wrapped and chilled in the refrigerator or freezer?

Wax paper and parchment paper are greener alternatives, as long as they're unbleached and don't contain petroleum-based coatings. However, paper doesn't offer the tightest wrap, and I worry about the dough drying out. Is plastic wrap really the best option, or have I just been conditioned to think it is? Surely bakers made perfectly good pie crusts before the invention of plastic wrap!

So I turn to you, dear readers. Do you have experience chilling dough without using plastic wrap? What works well? Are there any instances where you'd find it hard to give up plastic wrap?

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(Image: Faith Durand)

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