No More Cardboard! Fresh Direct To Ditch Their Boxes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

New York City residents, take note. Fresh Direct is ditching their boxes. Fresh Direct’s delivered-to-your-door grocery service has grown enormously in the last seven years of serving the New York metropolitan area, and it now sends out over 2 million orders a year. But many of those orders have drawn complaints from customers about the seemingly ridiculous amount of cardboard involved. You can see Sara Kate’s very first order here: one giant box, one tiny package of tea inside!

Well, Fresh Direct is quietly changing things in their shipping process, and eventually, they will deliver with no boxes at all.

The New York Times said yesterday that Fresh Direct has definitely heard the customer complaints about strange packaging inefficiencies, like one big box for one tiny block of cheese. These seeming inefficiencies are due to the way that their supply chain and packaging system works, and they are developing new tools to make the system even more efficient.

In fact, next year the boxes will be gone entirely, replaced by reusable plastic boxes and paper bags.

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(Image: Fresh Direct)