No, Local Honey Doesn’t Cure Your Seasonal Allergies. Sadly.

(Image credit: Camille Storch)

Allergy season is in full and sneezing swing (at least for me), which means that I’m also seeing plenty of mentions of that old chestnut: that raw local honey, full of local pollens and allergens, can desensitize you to that which makes you miserable.

Sadly, it’s totally not true.

As the Slate article linked here explains, there simply aren’t enough of those allergens in honey, and they aren’t the right types — even if exposure to them could be proved to actually lower your allergy symptoms.

There are many great reasons to eat honey, and local honey often has such delicious and unique flavors, I seek it out regularly. But when your allergies flare up, sadly, honey isn’t the answer.

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