No Iron Required: A Quick Way to De-Wrinkle Linens

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Did you catch Sara Kate on the Thanksgiving episode of KCRW’s Good Food? She was chatting with Evan Kleiman about ways to set a beautiful and stress-free holiday table, and she shared a trick for “ironing” table linens that may have changed my life forever. Get this: no iron required.

Sara Kate says that all you need to do is lay the table cloth and other table linens on the table the night before. Spritz them with water and smooth the wrinkles out with your hands. By the next day, the linens have dried and the wrinkles have disappeared.

Doesn’t that sound like the best magic trick ever? Iron, begone!

Listen to Sara Kate’s full interview for more great holiday entertaining tips:

Hear the Interview! Setting the Thanksgiving Table with Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan on KCRW’S Good Food

(Image: Flickr member Leonid Mamchenkov licensed under Creative Commons)