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Once You Make This No-Churn Peach Pie Ice Cream, You’ll Never Want Summer to End

published Jul 18, 2022
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Credit: Photo: Ghazalle Badiozamani; Food Styling: Jesse Szewczyk
How To Make the Perfect Peach Pie

The beauty of a homemade ice cream is that it can be enjoyed on demand without having to get in the car and travel to a store. Plus, if you make it yourself, you can also throw any ingredient you want in there. That makes any flavor your mind can conjure up into a possibility, from horchata to red velvet.

To prove the notion that at-home ice cream making is (in my opinion) better, author and blogger Jocelyn Delk Adams of Grandbaby Cakes recently posted her recipe for Peach Pie Ice Cream on Instagram. This no-churn ice cream offers so much of what we love about a comforting slice of peach pie, but in a cool and refreshing ice cream that is destined to hit the spot on a hot afternoon.

This peach pie ice cream is full of indulgence, with ingredients like cream cheese, whiskey,  cinnamon, whipped cream, condensed milk, and vanilla extract. The ingredients all will make sure this ice cream is rich and creamy, with tons of flavor — and that’s before all that peach pie crumble even gets involved!

This recipe begins by making your pie crust so that it has time to cool while preparing the rest of the ingredients. You can always use a frozen one, but if you are feeling industrious, you could of course go with your favorite pie crust recipe instead. Once you make the crust, it’ll be crumbled into pieces. Meanwhile, beautiful fresh peaches are getting tossed in brown sugar, cinnamon, a pinch of sea salt, and whiskey. Those get baked until soft and tender, and then can be set aside to cool.

As the crumbled crust and the peach mixture are all cooling, it’s time to make the base. This is pretty standard, and involves whipping the cream, letting it chill, and whipping together the cream cheese, condensed milk, and vanilla. Then, the cream is folded into the rest of the base.

Last, add in all those mix-ins, which will be your peach mixture coupled with your crumbled pie crust. You will, however, want to save a bit of peach and pie crust for the top. Then, just toss it in the freezer! You can make this in the morning to freeze for eating that afternoon or evening, but overnight is even better. It is ice cream after all, so you’ll want it to be really frozen. 

Once you are ready to serve that ice cream, it’ll be pretty perfect on its own, but you can always go meta with it and serve it on top of peach pie. Too many fresh peaches is always a good thing, right?

Get the full Peach Pie Ice Cream recipe here.