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These Chocolatey, Cherry-Filled Bars Will Be the Best Thing to Hit Your Dessert Table This Holiday Season

published Nov 28, 2022
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Credit: Apartment Therapy

The holiday season is the time of year where we can bask in invigorating scents, joyous time with family, and more delectable confections than you can count. Although I’m a true fan of all those things (and more!) during the most wonderful time of the year, there’s something about having a freshly made sweet treat that makes me feel on top of the world — and this recipe for Cherry Bounty Bars may just take the cake this time around.

Created by Jade of Panaceas Pantry, these delicious vegan bars put me right in the holiday spirit as soon as I spotted them. The best part? They’re no-bake bars, and they need fewer than 10 total ingredients. Count me in!

“The Bounty bar was my favorite chocolate bar in the good ol’ days, and not much has changed except that now they’re homemade (and made from ingredients I actually want to eat),” explained Jade on her blog.

To make this chocolatey treat, you’ll first need to gather the ingredients: pitted and de-stemmed cherries, water, maple syrup, shredded coconut, vanilla extract, coconut butter, coconut cream, chopped chocolate, and coconut oil or peanut butter. Add the cherries, maple syrup, and water to a saucepan and cook uncovered on low heat for five to seven minutes, stirring frequently. Once a thick jam-like texture is developed, remove from heat and let cool. 

For the coconut filling, add your remaining ingredients — minus the chocolate — in a food processor, mixing until moist and well-combined. It’s at this point that Jade recommends taste testing it, being sure to add more maple syrup if you’d like a sweeter flavor. 

Next, mix both the coconut filling and now-cooled cherry mixture in a bowl. Measure out two tablespoons of the mix, roll into a log, and place on a lined tray before repeating the process until your mixture is used up. Freeze the tray of rolled logs for two hours.

Once your logs are removed from the freezer, melt your chopped chocolate and a bit of coconut oil and quickly dip each log in. (Check out our super helpful post on how to melt chocolate.) While Jade does this by placing a heat-safe bowl over a saucepan of water on the stove, you can also melt your chocolate in the microwave for a quicker option. And voila! They are ready to sample, savor, and share. 

You can find the full, detailed recipe for these sweet, fruity, and chocolatey bars here. And if you’re looking for other recipes sure to get you in a merry mood, these coconut snowballs just may do the trick. And if you’re looking for a treat that’s welcome both during the holidays and throughout the year, try your hand at these simple recipes for banana bread mug cake and vegan Snickers bars.