The $50 Blender That’s Totally Getting Me Through Summer

published Aug 17, 2020
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Strawberry banana smoothie in a glass
Credit: Joe Lingeman

It’s amazing the sea change a $50 blender can bring, but smoothies have proven to be a revelation — and it’s my Ninja Fit that has made them all possible. Truth be told, I don’t know how much faith I would’ve had in the Ninja Fit had it not been for the recommendation of a friend. I had seen him chugging down shakes over FaceTime and then found myself surprised when he showed me what he was using to make said shakes.

So small and with nary a button, the Ninja Fit didn’t look like any blender I’d previously been acquainted with. But clearly it was capable of getting the job done — and done well. I promptly ordered one of my own and just as quickly realized that it’s a summer savior.

For my own smoothies I use a mix of fresh and frozen ingredients like cauliflower, spinach, blueberries, strawberries, and mango chunks, along with seeds and nut butters. The Ninja Fit can handle all of these ingredients — effortlessly blending them down into a drinkable treat. (Not something I can say for other inexpensive blenders I’ve tried in the past!)

Credit: Nilina Mason-Campbell

The process is quick, too: I add the ingredients directly into the cup. There are convenient measurement markings on both sides denoting ounces and cups to help with portioning everything out. And here’s the best part, aside from how well it works: The blender cup is also the cup you drink from. You just unscrew the blades and twist on a sip-and-serve lid (which is included) and you can go from blending to drinking in no time. This cuts down on pouring time and dishwashing time.

Credit: Nilina Mason-Campbell

Even with all the time on my hands during this pandemic I’ve felt pretty lazy when it comes to meals — especially on hotter days. However, with my Ninja Fit, the ease of quality meals is unparalleled. Now, I drink a smoothie for both breakfast and lunch and funnel all my meal-prep energy into whatever I’m eating for dinner. This simple, inexpensive appliance has streamlined my meals and, in turn, streamlined my days. Plus, it makes those two meals feel like a treat — like a little pick-me-up I’d buy myself while I’d be out and about during normal times. And right now, it’s these little things that really help … day after day.