Nigella Lawson Sighting: 7:45 A.M GMT. The Wolseley, London.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Not a week after our own Mario Batali sighting, this just in from a correspondent in London!

Who needs breakfast meetings with clients? It’s hard enough for me to get out an intelligent word before 9 A.M., but having to do that while manoeuvring my soldiers into my soft boiled eggs – help!

So, when I happened to glance at the next table and saw Nigella sitting there, I thought yeah, right, my eyes must be deceiving me. I’m sure Nigella is home, whipping up fluffy homemade pancakes with her kids over a cup of steaming hot chocolate, not sitting next to ME at the Wolseley! But indeed, there she was. In her trademark black outfit, luscious hair flowing, sitting there with (what looked like) a girlfriend, chatting over coffee.

Suddenly my dreary grey client-filled London morning seemed a little more interesting.


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