This $30 Under-Cabinet Accessory Makes Appliances So Much Easier to Use and Adds Extra Storage

published Nov 20, 2023
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Cookware on kitchen island in small NYC kitchen.
Credit: Erin Derby

If there’s one problem no one has ever had, it’s too much counter space. Even if you have enough countertop real estate for all of your favorite small appliances — a coffee maker, blender, air fryer, toaster, etc. — chances are, there’s still a more convenient way you could arrange them if only you had a couple of extra square feet at your disposal. You could certainly clear up some space by installing a wall-mounted organizer to hold your paper towels, or perhaps investing in a corner storage rack to keep spices, olive oils, or dishwashing supplies in check. Or better yet, you could snag the Nifty XL appliance rolling storage drawer from QVC and tackle your small appliance problem directly.

We have a feeling you’ve never seen a storage solution quite like this one, but once you learn what it’s all about, you’ll definitely want a couple for your kitchen. Even better still, the rolling drawer is nearly 30 percent off right now during QVC’s Black Friday sale! It’s already selling fast, so grab it while you still can.

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What is the Nifty XL Appliance Rolling Storage Drawer?

This ingenious storage solution sports a design that’s similar to some slide-out cabinet organizers you might’ve seen. Except this product doesn’t go inside your cabinet, but rather underneath it, on your countertop. You simply set your stand mixer or popcorn maker on top of the drawer (as long as it weighs no more than 40 pounds) and push the tray back until it meets the wall. Then, whenever you want to use that appliance, simply press down on the front tab, and roll it out toward you. When you let go of the tab, the drawer locks in place and stays put. It’s the best of both worlds, as you can move your appliance close to you for easy and convenient use and subsequently store it out of the way when you’re done. And of course, we can’t forget to mention that the organizer has a built-in drawer with an adjustable divider. It doesn’t get any more brilliant than this!

Credit: QVC

Why You’ll Love the Nifty XL Appliance Rolling Storage Drawer

The most obvious benefit of this product is that you’ll get back plenty of counter space that your appliances were otherwise hogging. Instead of a bulky toaster oven taking up space next to your sink, you can now place a cutting board there and make use of every square inch. What’s more, you won’t have to break a sweat or worry about the appliance scratching your counter when you slide it across because of the rolling feature. Beyond these advantages, you also get additional storage space thanks to the organizer’s drawer, which is slim but roomy. It would make a wonderful spot for coffee pods, sugar packets, silverware, and anything else that’ll fit. Even if the items are small, the divider will prevent them from becoming a jumbled mess. Finally, your appliances won’t damage your cabinets because they’ll be on the front part of the counter when in use. In other words, no more blistered wood from a steaming electric kettle!

In short, this organizer clears up the counter space that your small appliances naturally eat up, all while eliminating other problems that might arise in the process. Now that it’s going for just $30 a pop, there’s no better time to snag a rolling drawer or two for your own kitchen.

Buy: Nifty XL Appliance Rolling Storage Drawer, $29.98 (normally $42)