Nibble Pan: Have Your Cake (and Taste It Too)

(Image credit: Quirky)

Making cakes for a crowd can be a little nerve-wracking. Without cutting into the cake and ruining its presentation, how can you make sure it tastes good before serving it? The Nibble Pan is a smart solution for that problem — it’s a cake pan with a little silicone sidecar for baking a small amount of batter alongside the full cake.

Since the taster portion would bake through more quickly than a full-size cake, I’d remove the silicone cup from the pan 5 to 10 minutes before the cake is done. Having a mini cake would not only let you taste your creation before serving it to others, it would let you test out different frosting combinations, or provide a small treat to anyone in the house driven crazy by the scent of warm cake.

This is also an idea that would be easy to DIY: simply fill an individual silicone cupcake pan with a little batter and bake it alongside the full-size cake.

Check it out: Nibble Pan at Quirky Products

Do you have any tricks for tasting cakes before you serve them?

(Image: Quirky Products)